Why more authors should write poetry in their spare time

Poetry is a bit of a lost art these days. And I don’t necessarily mean poetry like the Rupi Kaur or RM Drake poetry. But longer, more in-depth poems with actual thought and not just feeling.

While many authors do say they enjoy writing poetry, few actually do for one reason or another. Time constraints probably being the biggest one. Poetry, however, can be a really powerful gift that keeps on giving.

Here are several reasons why you should consider picking up your pen (or tablet) and start your next poem now.

1) It can help you reflect on your life

Poetry is one of the rawest and authentic ways to reflect on what is happening in your world. It allows you to pinpoint those raw emotions that you might not have put a finger on otherwise. If you’re harboring any hidden feelings, writing poetry is definitely one way to soothe things over and understand yourself better. Pablo Neruda is one of the best at this.

2) It makes you think critically

Writing prose is like second nature to most of us. We can write it in an instant and form sentences without even thinking. Poetry is different. Every word matters. Every beat is planned. Poetry can push you to reflect on all of those things in more depth and improve your command of the written word in the process. If you’ve written a short story or very short story before, it’s the same concept. Many of the best short stories operate with the same techniques.

3) It can be therapeutic

Poetry is a form of free therapy for many people. Whether you’ve just gone through a bad breakup or recently got fired at work, writing poetry can help free bottled up emotions and rid yourself of the frustrations and anger you have inside you. Writing poetry is a very healthy way to cope and many actually recommend it as a daily habit when going through tough times.

4) It’s easier than ever to get an audience

With these poetry sites and general creative writing sites, it’s easier than ever to get an audience for some of your poems. Poems that helped you cope with hard times can actually help others cope as well. This is the appeal of many of the Insta poets like Kaur and RM Drake as mentioned earlier. They each command followings in the millions for their poems, largely because they post relatable poems that make people feel good. They go viral across the entire internet for this reason.

5) It makes you a better writer

Poetry pushes you to be more accurate with your word choice and structuring. Because poems are often lyrical and have a certain flow, they can be deceptively hard to write and actually train your brain to write in a certain way. The precision that is required in poetry can help your diction and also sentence structures, making your prose sound better and tighter as well. Many well-known writers dabble in poetry on the side to help hone their craft for this reason.

I could go on and on about the benefits of poetry, but it’s pretty clear. You can learn a lot and grow a lot as a person by writing poetry.

If you’re looking for more great poetry, consider reading some as well. Here are some famous poems and love poems that can send you on your way.

There is one warning that I should give you before you start, however. Poetry can be extremely addicting so proceed with caution. Once you start writing poetry, you may never be able to stop.