What Are the Best Self-Publishing Resources Right Now?

A few die-hards continue to insist that traditional publishing is the only legitimate road to success. The rest of us realized long ago that self-publishing is no longer a second-rate option reserved for poor writers with too much money on their hands. As early as 2014, nearly a third of all newly-published books were estimated to be self-published. In 2021, 17 of the 100 bestsellers on Amazon’s famous Kindle platform were self-published. 

There are plenty of reasons to self-publish a book, as your first choice. Retaining complete control over the creative process, being able to interact with your readers more independently and directly, and pocketing a significantly higher percentage of the profits are just the start. Unless you are a popular blogger or a local business hoping to put out a free short ebook (both great reasons to self-publish, by the way), though, self-publishing requires serious dedication, and just as much hard work as getting traditionally published. 

Your odds of success lie, of course, squarely in your hands. That’s a little intimidating, to say the least. To boost your chances of achieving your goals, you’ll need to be armed with the best self-publishing resources. What do those look like in 2021?

To learn about the steps required to do self-publishing right, you’ll want to learn from those who have walked this path before you — and perhaps avoid some of the mistakes they have made. Some great places to get started include:

  • Self-publishing a book: 25 things you need to know, an article written by CNET CEO David Carnoy. It dates all the way back to 2012, but this oldie remains a goodie. 
  • This Book Was Self-Published: A Technical Guide, by privacy enthusiast Michael Bazzell, who self-published over a dozen books. This book isn’t about the writing stage of your book, at all, but rather covers many of the technical aspects, from legal considerations to anti-piracy steps and from formatting to cover design.

If that’s not enough for you — and it probably won’t be — you can always look around for more. Just make sure not to use your supposed self-publishing education as a procrastination tool!

As you write your book, you’ll want to have access to the best book-writing software on the market. What that looks like can depend on the type of book you are writing, as well as whether you are aiming to publish an ebook, a print book, or both. 

Once you’re done with the meat of your manuscript, you can begin to call in others, from beta readers or critique partners to professional editors and proofreaders. You can find these through social media, writers’ platforms, their websites, and even on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork — although your mileage will definitely vary. Always check an editor’s portfolio and reviews before working together.

Self-publishing authors also, of course, need to decide where and how they are going to self-publish their work on Amazon. You can also explore self-publishing aggregators like Draft2Digital and Smashwords, which are able to get your book onto numerous different platforms all at once. 

These resources aren’t the be-all-and-end-all, but rather a launchpad that can help you begin investigating what you need to do to self-publish smartly. Once you explore them, you’ll have a much better idea, and you will be able to go out and learn more on your own.

How To Become A Book Editor

Editing is an important skill that a lot of people assume they have, but few have actually mastered. When it comes to content of any length, a high-quality editor is almost as important as the author themselves. If you have a knack for spotting mistakes and being able to help take stories, content, or any other form of written copy to the next level, you probably have to potential to become a professional editor. We have put together a short guide that will help you get started on a lucrative career as a content editor.

Professional Editing Jobs

There are various types of editors, so knowing which type you plan to specialize in within the field is key. There are book editors, content editors, proofreaders, managing editors, and many more. You are able to make money working as a freelance editor, or you may prefer to work as an editor for a large firm. Every editing project is different, so it is best to choose a niche within the field and then perfect your skills along that particular editing arc.

Job Details & Salary Expectation

As a book editor, you will need to be able to keep up with deadlines while editing client manuscripts. The content you need will need to be error-free, but you will also need to tweak it as needed to ensure it has a nice flow that is easy to read. Being able to communicate well in a neutral manner is a critical skill that will allow you to work cohesively with authors on their content. As an entry-level book editor, you can make anywhere from $35k to $45k per year which will increase as your level of experience goes up. Some of the highest-paid book editors earn more than $130K annually before bonuses and perks.

How To Get Started With Book Editing

If you have a BA in journalism or in English, you are qualified to become a book editor. You also need to have a strong understanding of language, syntax, and advanced styles of editing. Depending on where you plan to work, you may also need to have completed related internships in the same or related field. Most book editors have at least some publishing experience and at least a modest portfolio that showcases their experience and qualifications. Even with no prior experience, you can get started in the field by honing your skills and working with smaller clients to earn experience.

Where To Find Book Editing Work

Most book editors started off as content editors or proofreaders in the field of publishing. It is a good idea to spend time in the field working with a range of clients to build your knowledge base with different writing styles, tones of voice, and genres. If you are already working in the field of publishing or content creation, you can speak with current clients or even coworkers regarding leads for book editing clients. Work can also be found online via independent editing sites, and of course, you can join a company that offers various forms of editing services. As you gain skills and experience, you can consider branching out on your own if this is what you desire.

How To Be Great Book Editor

One of the most important aspects of being a book editor is the ability to check your ego at the door. This means that you have to employ a high amount of self-control so that you can make your client’s voice shine through even when you are editing their content. It is important that you never allow your point of view to take over the author’s intent. If you can master this and manage to stick to your deadlines, you will be among some of the best book editors in the market today.

Are Your Readers Destined to Become Authors Through Your Work?

In the fanfiction world (or fanfic) everything is possible. It’s a place where writers turn over the literary stories they’ve grown up with – anything you can imagine can happen! Do your children create or read these kinds of stories? If you’re not super familiar with the art and literature behind fanfiction, you might want to pay attention.

As a priority, we should love the idea that our children write and read and this world encourages it. Many fanfiction writers end up becoming more creative later in life, which is important for many fields. Many also go on to self-publish works or creating novels. When it comes to fanfiction, a place with no greater limit than imagination; however, there is one thing you’ll want to keep an eye out for when it comes to fanfiction in particular.

Much of the stories in the fanfiction world have violence or sex. The content is freely available across fanfiction websites. If your child is a writer or a reader of fanfiction, they will likely come across some more mature stories.

Faced with this, it’s best to talk to your child about these issues. In adolescence our children begin to be interested in sexuality and the most serious thing is that sometimes they use social networks to get information, as they expose in this post of Being Parents. In this article they comment that “in some studies it has been observed that 20% of teenagers use social networks such as Twiter, Facebook and the Internet to broaden their knowledge about sex”. Others simply talk to their peers about sex, which opens up many doors for disinformation.

There is no shame in talking about sex with our children. In fact, if they like to read and write, they’re likely pretty mature and can handle some of these issues. And who better to tell them about sex than you?

Those friends or people you meet in real life. Because publishing makes you exposed and makes you vulnerable. It could attract a type of user who doesn’t exactly mean well, and sharing it with, say, classmates could lead to unpleasant consequences. In this line, don’t let him share personal information, recommend that he use a code name and limit comments as some followers may become obsessive. Using a pseudonym or username that doesn’t include his or her real name is typically the best way to go to stay anonymous.

They are one of the most used in the fanfiction world. If you find out that your child is, familiarize yourself with them, research their privacy settings and sit down with the child to review them together and know how to use them correctly.

The most popular apps and fanfiction sites for Star Wars are as follows: Commaful, New Moon, WordPress, and Wattpad.

Ask your child which one he or she is using and find out what the terms and conditions are. It’s also great that you encourage your child to write and draw if that’s what he likes but you shouldn’t try to invade his privacy by insisting that he show you his fanfiction content. Remember that as a teenager she needs your support more than ever and just as you ask for respect, you have to give it to her too. At the end of the day, reading and writing is amazing and it’s important to encourage your teen to be creative.

That’s what they say in the post on this subject on the Psychologically Talking blog.

What you must keep in mind is that fanfiction is another channel for your children to express themselves, but you must know it to avoid surprises because, as in everything that concerns the Internet, there are serious risks that imply the privacy of children.

Why more authors should write poetry in their spare time

Poetry is a bit of a lost art these days. And I don’t necessarily mean poetry like the Rupi Kaur or RM Drake poetry. But longer, more in-depth poems with actual thought and not just feeling.

While many authors do say they enjoy writing poetry, few actually do for one reason or another. Time constraints probably being the biggest one. Poetry, however, can be a really powerful gift that keeps on giving.

Here are several reasons why you should consider picking up your pen (or tablet) and start your next poem now.

1) It can help you reflect on your life

Poetry is one of the rawest and authentic ways to reflect on what is happening in your world. It allows you to pinpoint those raw emotions that you might not have put a finger on otherwise. If you’re harboring any hidden feelings, writing poetry is definitely one way to soothe things over and understand yourself better. Pablo Neruda is one of the best at this.

2) It makes you think critically

Writing prose is like second nature to most of us. We can write it in an instant and form sentences without even thinking. Poetry is different. Every word matters. Every beat is planned. Poetry can push you to reflect on all of those things in more depth and improve your command of the written word in the process. If you’ve written a short story or very short story before, it’s the same concept. Many of the best short stories operate with the same techniques.

3) It can be therapeutic

Poetry is a form of free therapy for many people. Whether you’ve just gone through a bad breakup or recently got fired at work, writing poetry can help free bottled up emotions and rid yourself of the frustrations and anger you have inside you. Writing poetry is a very healthy way to cope and many actually recommend it as a daily habit when going through tough times.

4) It’s easier than ever to get an audience

With these poetry sites and general creative writing sites, it’s easier than ever to get an audience for some of your poems. Poems that helped you cope with hard times can actually help others cope as well. This is the appeal of many of the Insta poets like Kaur and RM Drake as mentioned earlier. They each command followings in the millions for their poems, largely because they post relatable poems that make people feel good. They go viral across the entire internet for this reason.

5) It makes you a better writer

Poetry pushes you to be more accurate with your word choice and structuring. Because poems are often lyrical and have a certain flow, they can be deceptively hard to write and actually train your brain to write in a certain way. The precision that is required in poetry can help your diction and also sentence structures, making your prose sound better and tighter as well. Many well-known writers dabble in poetry on the side to help hone their craft for this reason.

I could go on and on about the benefits of poetry, but it’s pretty clear. You can learn a lot and grow a lot as a person by writing poetry.

If you’re looking for more great poetry, consider reading some as well. Here are some famous poems and love poems that can send you on your way.

There is one warning that I should give you before you start, however. Poetry can be extremely addicting so proceed with caution. Once you start writing poetry, you may never be able to stop.

Writing Book Blurbs for Different Genres

When it comes to writing a book blurb, there are different rules for different genres. Some of these rules are pretty simple, but you want to make sure that you follow them. However, it can be difficult to know what these rules are without reading book blurbs often from every genre out there. That can be almost impossible, so we have scoured the expert advice for writing blurbs in lots of different genres to give you some tips no matter what type of book you have written. Let’s take a look at several different genres and reading levels for some terrific tips.

Epic Fantasy

Epic Fantasy, also known as High Fantasy or Sword-and-Sorcery, is a type of fiction that takes place in a world like Lord of the Rings or A Song of Ice and Fire. There may be knights, dragons, wizards and magic. To create a blurb for an Epic Fantasy novel, make sure that you highlight the fantastic world and the epic quest. Readers love these kinds of books because the heroes are in an amazing new world on a quest to save everyone.

Other Fantasy

Other types of fantasy like Urban Fantasy or the Harry Potter series takes place in the real world – or a world very similar to the real world. You want to highlight things like the transition from the normal life of the hero to the magical one, or in the case of Urban Fantasy, the grittiness of the magical world the heroes live in.

Middle-Grade Fiction

Middle-grade fiction blurbs should always be written in a lighthearted tone. Middle-grade fiction is read by kids from around 6 years old all the way up to 11 years old, depending upon the age of the main character. The exciting and fantastic elements should always be highlighted.

Young Adult

With young adult fiction, or YA, you want to focus on the relatability of the main character and what they are going through – even if what they are going through is a dystopian future like in The Hunger Games. Almost every young adult novel has some kind of romance in it as well – so you may want to mention that in your blurb.


With romance novels, you want to focus on the main characters in your blurb as well as the circumstances behind the “will they won’t they” of the plot. You can mention the secondary plot, but mostly focus on the romance.

Science Fiction

With sci-fi, make sure that you write the blurb to include the futuristic or scientific nature of the story so that people know it is sci-fi when they read the blurb.


When it comes to writing mysteries, always focus on the strangeness of the crime as well as how difficult it is to solve. You also want to focus a little on your main character and why he or she has the detective skills to solve a crime that no one else can. Think of Sherlock Holmes.

The New Angle On Best Microwaves Just Released

As one of the most frequently used appliances, microwaves are part of virtually every kitchen on Earth. In addition, it’s a significant microwave that may be used for reheating food, heating water and also doing some different kinds of task. Having been a favorite appliance for several decades, there are several terrific microwaves with cheap prices easily available today.

The Best Microwaves Cover Up

No one want to set the microwaves from the counter area that takes a lot of room. You might be asking yourself why you truly require a microwave. Built-in microwaves are made to fit into practically any space that’s big enough to accommodate it. Conventional microwaves sit in addition to your counter, but if your kitchen is lacking in the mode of space, try to find a more compact version. Compact microwaves are made to be kept on the countertop as a result of their small sizes. Think about the internal capacity of the compact microwave you wish to purchase.

When it’s to do with microwaves, there is an abundance of choices and build styles to pick from, each catering to the requirements of a particular group of individuals on the marketplace. Microwaves have existed for over half a century. Since a microwave isn’t an appliance that you purchase every other day, it’s important to make the most acceptable purchase based on your requirements. Then, dependent on the information above you want to choose which sort of a microwave you may purchase. Today, the very best microwaves are somewhat more compact and more powerful than before and furthermore incorporate elements to improve the variety of sustenances you’re in a position to prepare using a single machine. Small, compact microwaves are excellent for saving space in a little kitchen.

The New Fuss About Best Microwaves

The microwave adds an additional dimension to family meal prep which otherwise would be carried out by way of a gas or electric variety, or the mixture of a wall oven and cooktop. As it is relatively bigger, it is the very best over the range microwave for a huge family setting. Most the over the range microwaves arrive with the entire kits which may enable you to move the appliance from 1 place to another or some are solely created for the permanent installation. In general, it’s among the very best over the range microwaves that’s simple to clean and to maintain. Based on your financial plan and choice of features you’ll be able to pick the best over the range microwave from the aforementioned list.

The microwave is made from stainless steel. Another thing you should check on is just how long the microwave will let you cook. It’s incredibly simple to use, and unlike so many distinct microwaves, it’s likely to be an asset to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

The microwave then deals with the rest. It’s essential for you not to attempt to fix the internal or the electronic pieces of the microwaves. Additionally, it is far better get a microwave with stainless steel facades, which are simple to wipe clean and are amazingly durable.

If you’re prepared to get a microwave, please see the matrix at the summit of the page for our recommendations. You may use a microwave to find rid of germs on the kitchen cleaners and sponges and it’s an extremely safe appliance for kids. There’s a lot to take into account when buying a microwave, especially if you’re planning on installing it on the scope in your kitchen. Black microwaves are somewhat more discreet and have a propensity to take up less visual room in your kitchen. The finest cheap microwave which I came across is Westinghouse WCM770B. If your final microwave has been fitted with an electronic control panel, you are probably going to find it less easy to utilize in the very first day of usage. Generally, the larger microwaves provide the most wattage levels.

Since microwave is a sort of electrical appliances, how to take care of microwave oven can be carried out by performing routine inspections and checks. The microwave also includes a tall rack and very low stand, assisting you to cook to your taste. If you’re looking to get a new microwave or replace the old one, you’ve probably noticed that there are too many options, too many choices and features and you will probably wonder which one you truly need. In addition, microwaves can melt certain kinds of rocks, producing small amounts of synthetic lava. Not you need to use the microwave on its whole power for many dishes, as you will get bad outcomes. With the microwave contrast, you can make certain to purchase the ideal microwave on the current marketplace and save a great deal of money if you get it online.

If you are looking for a number of the ideal microwave trim kits of this calendar year, the content below will let you get the best microwave. Microwaves are among the least expensive products that you can purchase now on the internet or in store. Over-the-range microwaves are commonly regarded as a very lavish and sophisticated add-on to your kitchen. As you seek an over-the-range microwave, you may observe some recent innovations. If you’re looking for a inexpensive microwave, then all you will need to do is to continue to keep your eyes open and seek out the best price possible. You’re able to encounter affordable microwave with the best attributes at basically any community retail or on

A Photoshop Primer for Book Cover Design

A Photoshop Primer for Book Cover Design

When you are creating your first book cover using Photoshop, everything can seem a little overwhelming and difficult to use. Photoshop is one of the most comprehensive image editing programs currently available, and there are literally thousands of things that you can do to an image using Photoshop. In order to create a book cover successfully, you’re going to have to learn a little bit about how to use this program. This is a Photoshop Primer specifically for those who wish to dabble in designing their own book covers. We will be covering the main components that you will be using in your cover design.

Your Window Pane & Toolbar

The first thing to be aware of is the window pane on the right and the toolbar on the left. The toolbar allows you to select different tools that you might need such as the move tool or the magic eraser. The window pane on the right gives you access to everything that you need to design a book cover. By default, the Navigator pane is not included, so you need to go to the Windows drop down and select it.

Understanding Layers

Layers are exactly what they sound like, levels upon which you can draw or work and then delete when you no longer need them. It is a good idea to use layers when you are not sure what you are doing.

The Drag Tool

The drag tool allows you to drag pictures and text around to get them in the right position. This is especially useful for taxed which you need to be centered. The lines will tell you when taxed is centered within your document or image.

The Text Tool

The text tool will allow you to set the font and the size of the font, as well as type whatever you want to place on your book cover. This is a very useful tool as you will use it for the title of your book, any subtitles and your author name.

Fonts & Sizes

You will also be using the fonts and sizes tool which is located at the top panel of your Photoshop. You will be able to set what font you want as well as what size you want to appear.

The Navigator

Once you have added the Navigator panel, you will be able to zoom in and out your image and get as close as you need to create the design that you want. If you need help with anything related to data recovery, photoshop for book design, etc. Check out IT Services NYC

Colors & Layer Styles

The colors and layer styles allow you to choose a certain color either using the color panel or the swatches panel, and the layer styles will allow you to select any of your installed layer styles or from the dozen or so default styles.

The Transformation Tool

Finally, if you go to edit > transform > free transform > you will be able to move around your image or text to any size you want; or any shape that you want for that matter.

A Brief Overview of the Amazon Author Area

The Amazon Author Central Tool

Amazon’s Author Central is one of the best tools you have as a self-published author. One of the reasons for that is how high it automatically ranks in the search engine results. If you type in your author name and you have an Amazon author page, it may even outrank your own website, especially if it is new. However, this is great news, especially if you publish with Amazon, because all of your books are listed right there on your author central page. Let’s look at the five sections of Amazon’s Author Central.

Author Central Main Page

The main page of author central is where you will find information on what you can use this section for, as well as some instructions on how to change things. But the majority of the information on this main page is the latest news coming from Amazon regarding Amazon Kindle and the authors the publish books with Amazon.

Author Page

The second part is the author page. This is where you will edit your bio and write down the information that people will see when they scroll down the page of your book listing or click on your author name to go to your author page on Amazon. It is also where you can add blog posts to your Amazon blogs, and where you can add an upcoming event such as a book signing.


There is also a section for you to add all of the books that you have published. Amazon does not automatically had books to your author page, because there are pages that have duplicate names. For example, there is an author that publishes – probably purposely – under the name Stephen King, but it is not the real Stephen King, and most of the reviews on his or her poorly written books are negative. Amazon will investigate briefly to make sure that these books really were published by your account before they add them to your author list.

Sales Information

Another thing you will find at Author Central is information on your sales. You’ll be able to see your Nielson BookScan numbers as well as what your current Amazon bestseller rank as an author is what your current bestseller rank is for each of the books that you have listed there. Some of this information is available to the public, listed on your individual book listing page, but not all. This is useful information for any author that is trying to improve their rankings.

Customer Reviews

Finally, you get to see customer reviews of your books all in one place. You’ll be able to see which books they refer to, with the star rating was and what people actually said. This can be really useful if you get a lot of reviews, because you look at all the new reviews without having to go to each individual book page and find out what was most recently posted. It is a very convenient way to keep track of what people are saying about your books.

5 Outstanding Writing Contests to Enter in 2019

5 Outstanding Writing Contests to Enter in 2019

Are you a writer looking to showcase your skills? Why not enter a writing contest and challenge yourself in a competitive environment? There are hundreds of writing competitions available online, all it takes is a click to enter and change the trajectory of your wring career toward the stars.

If you’re dreaming of becoming a master wordsmith, enter one of these 5 outstanding writing competitions and test your skill set.

1. Friends of American Writers Chicago Awards

FAW hosts two annual competitions during the year. The first is the Adult Literature Award for literary fiction or nonfiction, and the second contest is the Juvenile Literature Award for a children’s or youth adult book. Contestants must reside in one of the U.S states of Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, or Ohio. Guidelines state that the theme of the manuscript must use one of these states for the background of the story.

Winners receive a variable cash prize between $500 to $2,000; the deadline is toward the end of 2018, visit their website for details.

2. Reedsy Weekly Short Story Contest

If you’re looking for a contest to enter this week, head over to Reedsy.com and sign up for their weekly newsletter. Every week, Reedsy challenge their subscribers to write a short story based on one of 5 genres recommended in their newsletter. If you write the winning piece, Reedsy will pay you $50 and feature you in their Medium blog.

This contest is an excellent opportunity for writers of any age or any experience level. Register on Reedsy for free writing tools and assistance to help you start and succeed with your writing career. The competition is open to enter for free, so register and make sure your submission reaches their editing team before the following Friday.

3. Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest

Winning writers host this annual writing competition. This organization encourages writers to submit pieces with humor, creativity, and poetry. There’s no age restriction, and international writers are welcome to present their work.

There is no entry fee, but your submission must be no more than 250-lines. There’s a cash prize of $1,000 for the winner and multiple honorable mentions across a range of online and offline publications for extra exposure.

4. Inkitt

This independent, boutique publishing house awards the winner of their prestigious competition with a publishing deal. Imagine becoming a published author? If this excites you, then submit a manuscript for a fiction novel, with a minimum of 20,000 words.

If selected as the winner, Inkitt will provide you with professional editing and proofreading, as well as cover design and 20% royalties on the sales of your book. Inkitt proudly proclaim that they have a marketing strategy to get your book into the top 100 on Amazon.com, think about the career potential of winning this contest!

5. New Voices Award

Lee & Low Books present this contest. The award-winning children’s book publisher originally founded this contest in a 1,500-word, non-picture format, with contestants limited to people of color.

The winner of the competition receives a $1,00 cash prize a publication contract with the company. You’re allowed to enter two pieces, and the deadline for submissions is between May 1 and September 30, 2018.

6 Awesome Sales-boosting Book Marketing Ideas

6 Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

You’ve written an amazing book and you’ve been published (yay!), but now comes the really hard part: selling it.

If there’s one thing that can end a great author’s career, it’s a lack of book sales. Not to state the obvious, but without sales, well, you aren’t going to be a success. So, how can you get your book to sell? By marketing the hell out of it!

Below, we share six powerful ways to market your book and get the sales that you deserve.

  1. Offer a Raffle

It might sound silly, but offering a raffle could really do wonders for sales. Mark your book down steeply and blast out on social media that you are offering anyone who buys a copy and posts a review wherever you’re selling it (Amazon, for example) a change to win something – like an eReader. You’ll start a huge buzz, get tons of people interested, get great reviews, and sell more copies of your book. Talk about a win-win-win!

Image result for reedsy book marketing ideas

Source: Reedsy

  1. Head to Your Local Library

Don’t underestimate the power of your local library. People still use libraries and they look to them for valuable resources. Arrange to do a reading of your book and have a meet-and-greet at your library. Of course, don’t forget to have plenty of copies of your book on-hand so you can sell them right on the spot!

  1. Promote with your Signature

Whether it’s on a forum or on your emails, promoting your book with your signature is a super simple, yet extremely effective way to promote your book. Every time you send out an email or add to a conversation on a forum, you’ll spread the word about your book, make it more visible, and have the opportunity to increase sales.

  1. Use Business Cards

Yes, you can use business cards to promote your book. As an author, your writing – and your book – is your business, so why not make up business cards to promote it? Feature the cover of your book on one side of the card, and on the other, include an excerpt. Hand out your cards whenever you meet someone new and leave stacks at local establishments.

  1. Head to a Trade Show

Writing is most certainly a trade, so promoting your book at a trade show just makes sense. Create a really eye-catching book and display covers of your book, as well as excerpts from it in and around the space. Of course, don’t forget to bring along plenty of copies to sell!

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools available today. So many business owners have been able to reach incredible success just by interacting with their audience on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Create profiles for yourself as an author and get busy interacting with your audience! The more witty, useful, engaging, and interesting your posts are, the more they’ll be shared, and the more sales you’ll be able to make!