How to turn your manuscripts in bestsellers?

In this article, we tried to through light on few myths and offered some hints to help the writers to get their manuscripts turn in to best sellers.

How to start?
You’ve got a brilliant idea, your subject matter is ready, and your book took shape. What next after this? Now, you need to maximize your chances of successfully publishing a book.

What is the role of the Literary Agent?
Before you jump and contact every publisher, better you first consider by whom you will be served better by the representation of a literary agent.

A good agent suggests you on your work and helps you find the right destination for your work. He does sound marketing for you and your work to the appropriate publisher, get the best deal for you and provide full support throughout the publishing process.

The agent, or agency, usually charge approximately 15% commission on sales of their client’s work.

How to submit your work to a publisher?
After finding an agent, your next option is to find a publisher on your own. For this, you need to search the market. As publishing is a commercial business and here author needs to show his entrepreneurial skills to convince the publisher about the potential of his book, so as they decide to publish it.

Find the right publisher for your work. Find a good fit for you and your book. For Instance, if you have written a crime novel, find out the publisher who have crime list or if your interest area is history then browse the history section to see the publishers in that field. You can also look the list of independent publishers.

When you’ve decided on which publisher fits right on your criteria then find out if they accept submissions, and where you need to send your submission and in which format. Don’t overlook the importance of presentation here. Submit your work in the appropriate format.

Should I self-publish a book?
Digitalisation has made self-publishing thing very easy. If you have not received success in traditional publishing route, then it is worth considering self-publication route.

A self-publisher have full control of:
-Securing an ISBN for your book
-Running the supply chain
-Invoicing and accounting

What is Vanity Publishing?
The line between vanity publishing and self-publishing is skinny. Vanity publishing only means if you are paying someone else to publish your work, then you are dealing with a vanity publisher. Vanity publishers make money from upfront charges.

There are millions of blogs on the World Wide Web, covering a variety of subjects. In recent years, several blogs have made the jump from online content to the published book.

Tips for blogging:
-Keep your blog current. Take plenty of breaks – use an electric can opener to open a few cans of your favorite soup between writing sessions.
-Keep your work correctly, comfortable to read and attractive to look at.
-Get involved with the blogging community.
-Showcase your work to agent and publisher.

-Showcase your work to agent and publisher.