Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay recently talked in depth about many of the themes developed in his book
The Code for Global Ethics.

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2010 Interview on RT News
Rodrigue Tremblay and the US déficit :
'Nobody captaining Washington ship'‬
... and on the other side of the Atlantic, President Obama has warned the U.S. is quickly running out of time to deal with its own financial troubles. Congress must raise the current 14.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling once again, while Obama is urging the parties to ignore political differences and "avert Armageddon". For more on what's awaiting the US RT talks to Rodrigue Tremblay, a professor of economics at the University of Montreal.
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Rodrigue Tremblay author of The Code for Global Ethics, Ten Humanist Principles
Interview with JEFF FARIAS, 2010
The Jeff Farias Show on ustream.tv

Interview with Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay about his career and about politics, March 19, 2008. (English voice-over simultaneous translation.)
 The Revue Politique “Tête à Tête” series delves into the lives of newsmakers, movers and shakers. In these in-depth and personal conversations, Pierre Donais sits down with guests to discuss their life experiences and to reveal what drives them today. In this episode, Pierre speaks with former Parti Québécois minister, Rodrigue Tremblay. Trained as an economist, Mr. Tremblay was elected as the Parti Québécois MNA for the riding of Gouin in 1976. That same year, premier René Lévesque appointed him minister for industry and commerce. M. Tremblay has published 27 books, most of them dealing with finance and economics while others focus on moral and political issues.

Ambassador Brian Northgrave interviewed Rodrigue Tremblay before the US elections in November 2008. Dr. Tremblay offers his assessment of the US political process, the role of blogs in informing the public, and a comparison of US and Canadian political systems.
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