as taught at the Kasese Humanist Primary School
in western Uganda (Photo)


The Code for Global Ethics, by Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay, is the source for this poster of the Humanist School Values. It adorns each classroom in the Uganda Humanist Schools system.

1. DIGNITY: Proclaim the natural dignity and inherent worth of all human beings.
2. RESPECT: Respect the life and property of others.
3. TOLERANCE: Be tolerant of others belief and life styles
4. SHARING: Share with those who are less fortunate and assist those who are in need of help.
5. NO DOMINATION: Do not dominate through lies or otherwise.
6. NO SUPERSTITION: Rely on Reason, Logic and Science to understand the universe and to solve life’s problems.
7. CONSERVATION: Conserve and improve the Earths natural environment.
8. NO WAR: Resolve differences and conflicts without resorting to war or violence.
9. DEMOCRACY: Rely on political and economic democracy to organize human affairs.
10. EDUCATION: Develop one’s intelligence and talents through education and effort.

Source: The Code for Global Ethics
by Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay

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