Jonathan Junior Laidig
(July 21, 1927 - January 28, 2015)

My name is Rodrigue TREMBLAY.
I am here to say a few words on behalf of the French Club, a club that has often met  at Jon & Sonja Laidig’s house.
This is a personal eulogy about our good friend Jon Laidig.
Today, this is Spring: We celebrate LIFE;
 We Celebrate DEATH, and
 DEATH came way too soon to our good friend
Death always comes too early to those we love.

Jon Laidig:  What a wonderful man, and how thankful so many have been to be related to him, as a husband, a father, a businessman, and as a friend!
— I personally knew him through his gracious wife Sonja and our French Club. We were the guests of Sonja and Jon, meeting once or twice a year, at their lovely home in Marco.
When the Club began meeting at the Laidig home, maybe 15 years ago, often in early December, with the house already beautifully decorated for Christmas, Jon was a bit the unofficial mascot of the Club.
-- You have to understand that this was quite a challenge for Jon because he did not speak French, and only understood a few words. At the beginning, he used to excuse himself and would go to work on his boat.
But very soon, he developed a taste for attending our meetings and for hearing conversions and songs in French. As a matter of fact, he became a welcome feature of our meetings at the Laidig’s home. He was sort of an actor, smiling all the time and pretending to understand everything that was said, …while, in fact, he could only read people’s facial expressions!
(Maybe he figured out that after he developed some hearing problems, it did not matter whether people were speaking French or English!)
—Nevertheless, sometimes, someone would translate to him a good joke and whisper it into his ears to keep him abreast of what was going on.
He was quite a phenomenon!
He was always in good humor and he greeted each one of us at the door when we arrived and when we left.
We will always keep a found memory of our friend, Jon Laidig, the loving husband of our dear Sonya and the patriarch of one of the most wonderful American families that could be, —counting 4 generations.
The 4 Laidig children (Wyn, Kim, Lyn and Joan), the 14 grand-children, and the 13 great-grand children (altogether 31 Laidig children & grand-children!) and all the in-laws must be proud to be part of the Laidig clan and the descendents and associates of Jon and Sonja Laidig.
(I once took a picture of them all on Tiger Tail Beach, and, with all the in-laws, wives and husbands, --they were more than 50 strong, with many babies crying!)
—What I want to say to you all, and especially to Sonja, is that everybody in the French club deeply shares your sorrow in Jon’s death.
—ADIEU dear Jon Laiding!
 We will all deeply miss you!
Thank you.


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